Promote Every Blog Post You Make

You have a blog and you’ve been making blog posts week after week and it looks like you’re still not getting the traffic you want. Many people think that if they create content then people will find it but the truth is, search engines are flooded with content that everyone wants to promote so you can’t wait for them to find you. Realize that creating content is only one part of the process. You also need to promote the content or no one else will see it.

Here are three ways to promote your blog posts and get more people’s attention on your content.

1. Send Email To Your Customer Base

First, tell the people in your world who have chosen to be in your community. Send them an email telling them about your new content and instead of sharing everything in an email, ask them to visit the website, read the content there, and share it with people in their world.

Make sure you ask them to share it and like it because people need to be told exactly what to do. Strategi marketing online saat ini di media sosial, bagaimana postingan produk bisa memiliki engagement rate luaxs, cara promosi di instagram menjangkau banyak orang dan memiliki tingkat interaksi dengan followers/subscribers tinggi.Never assume that they will do it without clear instructions from you to tell them what you want them to do.

2. Promote to your Social Media Platform

There are many social media platforms out there and the best place for you is where your prospects are. You can get a lot of traffic to your blog posts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope and many more people. The idea here is to realize that this is social media so don’t expect to offer nothing of value and get value back.

Make sure your blog post content is good and something people want to share with people in their world. And again, ask them to share or retweet.

3. Use Pay Per Click Ads

You don’t have to stop promoting content organically, you can also pay to see your content. If you have created content that is informative, educational, inspiring or entertaining, then you must do whatever it takes to get people to see it and as a result, take action to build a business.

Don’t be shy about promoting the relevant parts of your business. Pay per click advertising on places like Facebook and Google brings new people into your world and it starts growing your business faster than you could on your own.