Bimmerpost forum user ynguldyn, who regularly comes up with reliable gossip on what other forum members can look forward to from the Munich automaker, dropped a few tidbits on two much anticipated vehicles: the next-generation G87-series M2, and the first-generation G09-series XM, the luxury SUV once called the X8 that will be built at BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant. The models are anticipated for different reasons; the M2 because it remains BMW’s spiritual successor to the still-revered M3 models that BMW is beginning to wear like an albatross, the XM because it could be a cash cow that pays for BMW to keep doing fun BMW-like things. The internal name for the XM is supposedly “Project Rockstar.”

Firs the M2. This report backs up early intel reported by Autocar in 2020, that the next M2 will use the twin-turbo 3.0-liter S58 inline-six already in use in compact M vehicles like the M3 and X3 M. Last year, rumors said the M2 would get “at least 420 hp.” The latest news says that will be 455 horsepower, putting the coming M2 11 hp above the last-gen G80/82-series M2 CS. All that power will go to the 20-inch rear wheels only — the front are reportedly 19 inches — and drivers can dispatch that power through a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission; the seven-speed dual-clutch is a goner.

Seems ynguldyn got a look at the options sheet, the menu holding pretty steady compared to the last-gen M2, but missing carbon fiber bucket seats and ceramic brakes. These are probably temporary omissions that will be addressed with a hotter version, an M2 Competition already said to be on the way. There could be other special editions as well, BMW having applied to trademark a new motorsport logo and the phrases “Evo Sport” and “Evo Track” in Germany. On top of that, at least one M2 prototype has been spotted with a camo panel over the C-pillar, the hint being that a special BMW roundel will go there. What won’t be an option, according to another Bimmerpost member, is BMW’s new instrument panel with a wide curved screen across the top as seen in the new i4. A carbon roof, however, will be an option from the get-go.

The new coupe will be produced only at BMW’s plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico starting in December 2022, ending in July 2029. Any models produced in December will just make the cutoff for BMW’s 50th Anniversary M celebrations, for those who care about such things.

The XM, effectively a coupe-ish version of the X7, is being developed by the M division as the spear-point for M’s future line of electrified models. There’s some divergence on rumor here. Ynguldyn says the same S58 engine in the little M2 is said to get all the upstream here, aided by two electric motors for a total output of about 650 horses. Beyond that, the source believes there will be two gas engines besides. BMW Blog also believes there will be three engines, two of them electrified, not mentioning any of them being the S58. In its telling, there’s an XM 45e or XM 50e with what’s probably the B58 single-turbo inline-six and an electric motor, same as in the 745e, making about 394 horsepower total. Above that would come the “pure M version,” if one can call a really big SUV such, with the V8-hearted powertrain from the M5 CS and about 626 horses. Then comes the XM Competition with a brand new electrified powertrain and roughly 740 horsepower. There will be lots of standard M equipment to show who made this, from the standard dark blue sport brakes, M differential, and M seat belts and carbon trim inside.

We should know more about all this when it debuts next summer. XM production tentatively scheduled to run from December of next year to November of 2027. 

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