SEMA is just around the corner, and Honda announced Tuesday that it will have a little something for everybody this year, including two- and four-wheel overlanding enthusiasts, performance junkies and those who just want to put their own touch on their daily conveyances. We’ll kick things off with a pair of Civic Si-based race cars. 

HPD Civic Si Race Car Prototype

“Created, developed and tested in-house by HPD engineers, the HPD Honda Civic Si race car draws upon HPD’s extensive production car and race vehicle engineering experience, including the development and incredible success of the 10th-generation HPD Civic Si TCA race car program,” Honda said in its announcement. 

The HPD Si race car is essentially a stock powertrain and body stripped of the unnecessary bits and upgraded at all four corners, but not under the hood. That means its 1.5-liter engine produces the same 200 horsepower and 192 pound-feet you’ll get in the Civic Si street car, only with a little less weight to haul around. 

Team Honda Research-West Civic Si Race Car

This Si-based race car was built to tackle the National Auto Sports Association’s (NASA) 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Its safety gear is FIA spec, and the race car gets a little more punch than stock — 220 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. Team Honda Research-West has been racing in the name of street performance development since 1996. 

HPD K20C1 Crate Engine Package

Want to build your own time attack machine? Previously sold only to factory-backed racing efforts, this Civic Type-R crate engine is now available to anybody. The packages includes the long block, alternator, turbocharger, and starter motor. A separate Controls Package adds an HPD ECU pre-loaded with several tunes, an engine swap harness, and an accelerator pedal.

Team Liquid 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback

This five-door model is outfitted with gear from HPD and Honda’s normal accessory line. The front lip, rear spoiler and HPD emblem are from (shocker) HPD; the Honda logos, valve stem caps, wheels and roof carrier are from Honda’s accessory line, and the roof box itself is from Thule. 

HPD 2022 Honda Civic Si

The HPD Civic Si is similar to Team Liquid’s effort, only utilizing a sportier canvas. The front lip, side skirts, rear spoiler and HPD emblem are (yet again) from HPD; the blacked out items are all from Honda Genuine Accessories. 

Africa Twin Overland

“The Honda Africa Twin is already ideally suited for overland adventures, thanks to its crisp-shifting and easy-to-use dual-clutch transmission that simplifies the riding experience, allowing riders to focus on the trail ahead,” Honda says. We think this is just a nice change of pace from the polished asphalt-bound machines above. This build includes accessories from AltRider, Garmin and others. 

Passport TrailSport Rugged Roads Project 2.0

The TrailSport Rugged Roads Project 2.0 is yet another Honda accessory showcase. The roof crossbars, fender flares, cargo accessories, trailer hitch and wheels are all from Honda Genuine Accessories, as are some of the smaller aesthetic elements. The recovery hooks and skid plates are one-off customs from Honda’s own R&D department, and the 1.5-inch lift comes courtesy of Jsport. 

Ridgeline HPD Trail Tour Project Vehicle

Last, but not least, this Ridgeline build showcases a number of Honda’s accessory partners, with Jsport, Factor 55, Firestone and Maxtrax all checking in with contributions. Thule gets credit for the roof tent and all of its accoutrements, and Honda’s R&D team gets credit yet again for the skid plates and recovery points. 

Honda will have its lineup at booth #25077, in the southeast corner of Central Hall at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, running this year from Nov. 2-5. 

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