The 2022 Lincoln Navigator still isn’t listed on the Lincoln site at the time of writing, but Ford Authority says it has a price — one you’ll not be surprised to hear is higher than that of the 2021 Navigator. The 2022 Navigator Standard sets the baseline with an MSRP of $76,710, or $78,405 with destination, a trifle of an up-charge at just $5 more than last year’s trim. After that, premiums for the tech and feature updates given to the new Navigator climb quickly except in the case of the lengthened Standard L in rear-wheel-drive guise. That trim comes down by $200 on its MSRP, going up overall by $200 because of the updated destination fee, totaling $81,400.   

2022 Navigator prices and their differences from last year are:

  • Standard: $78,405 ($5)
  • Standard L: $81,400 ($200)
  • Reserve: $89,100 ($4,955)
  • Reserve L: $91,770 ($4,760)
  • Standard 4WD: $81,405 ($735)
  • Standard L 4WD: $84,400 ($530)
  • Reserve 4WD: $91,440 ($1,760)
  • Reserve L 4WD: $94,465 ($4,785)
  • Black Label 4WD: $104,675 ($4,725)
  • Black Label L 4WD: $107,720 ($4,570)

All Navigators will benefit from Lincoln Enhance, the brand name for Lincoln’s over-the-air software update capability, and the improved Amazon Alexa integration that can respond to more natural language. The substantial rises on the Reserve and Black Label trims pay for ActiveGlide and CoPilot360 2.0. ActiveGlide is the advanced driver assistance tech allowing hands-free highway driving (known as BlueCruise on Fords) if the right conditions are met. Using adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capability, lane centering and traffic sign recognition, the system can be activated on more than 130,000 miles of divided highways in North America. To help ensure hands-free doesn’t turn into attention-free, ActiveGlide monitors the driver’s head and eye positions with a driver-facing camera.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360 2.0 bundles more ADAS like forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and dynamic brake support, and for 2022 adds Intersection Assist and Active Sense Park Assist 2.0.

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